A dental implant is a perfect solution for a single tooth, or even multiple teeth that are missing.   Signature advantages are the comfort, durability and stability they give to your mouth.  It is basically an artificial tooth, which will function like the one it replaces and enhance your overall appearance as well.  The dental implant itself is a metal post, made out of titanium or other materials that will be accepted by your body.  You do need to have healthy gum tissue and bone for a successful implant, however.  An artificial tooth, to match your nearby teeth, is then attached to the implant for a fully functioning tooth!

The dental implant placement does require oral surgery, so those with any medical considerations for surgical procedures should check with their primary care doctor prior to having oral surgery.  It is also wise to check with your insurance company to see what is covered for such a procedure.  This procedure can be more costly than some, but also will last longer than other treatments.  At Tower Dental Arts we work with our patients to offer several payment options as well, and accept most insurance plans.

A dental implant can be used in the upper jaw or lower jaw, and will be a permanent implant.  You will be able to chew your food better as well as benefitting from the full, normal appearance of your face.  A dental implant is a superior replacement tooth for any age!

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