No more metal brackets that are painful and unsightly with the state-of the-art Invisalign Clear Braces by Dr. Sonia Rocha! No more rubber bands or rigid wires either! Clear and comfortable, and custom-designed just for you, they are the superior choice of many who do not want the embarrassment of metal braces. Invisalign Clear Braces are also a prime answer for teeth that have shifted over the years and need realignment.

The straightening that you wish is accomplished by progressively “adjusting” sets of clear braces that are designed to replace the current set every two weeks or so. You will no longer need to worry about getting food caught in your braces, or avoiding certain foods, as you can take off your clear braces long enough to eat, clean your teeth, and put them back on. Nice! Administered by the trained, experienced Dr. Sonia Rocha, among the largest Invisialign providers in the Bonita Springs area, the Invisalign Clear Braces are a win-win solution for those needing their teeth straightened.

Kindly check out our Before & After Gallery to see what a difference the Invisalign Clear Braces can make!

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