The gentle dentistry performed at Dr. Sonia Rocha’s practice will reassure you from start to finish.  When you have a cracked or decaying tooth and need a dental filling, you will find the needed treatment and materials skillfully applied by Dr. Sonia Rocha DDS.  You will be able to get the tooth back to its natural appearance, function and shape, with the bacteria that caused the decay removed, and further decay prevented by the invisible dental filling sealing off any cracks or crevices where bacteria can enter.  No one will ever know you have a filling in the tooth – unlike the silver or gold fillings!

There are several advantages to the invisible fillings:

  • Making the tooth stronger while retaining its more natural shape and color
  • No traces of mercury in the fillings – making the application healthier
  • You can usually keep more of your original tooth structure than with amalgam fillings
  • Temperature sensitivity is lessened with the composite material of the invisible fillings
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