The gum tissue, bone, and ligaments that surround your teeth, called the periodontium, need to remain healthy, as they are a very important support for your teeth. You will not have healthy teeth for long if the support system is unhealthy. Dr. Sonia Rocha and her staff will certainly be aware of any danger signals for periodontal disease during your exams, but you need to be aware of what these danger signals are as well, and work with your dentist to optimize your total dental health.

One of the earliest signs of gum, or periodontal disease is red and/or bleeding gums. These can be noted at any time, with eating or during regular oral care. You may also notice persistent bad breath, gums that are pulled away from the tooth, loose teeth, or changes in the position or bite of the teeth. There is much you can do to avoid the sure pathway to advanced periodontal disease if you work with your dentist to halt advancement. Dr. Rocha offers prompt, non-surgical gum disease therapy/treatment, as gum disease left alone may eventually need treatment through surgery or tooth extraction. Please visit our Before & After Gallery that showcase proven results of Dr. Rocha’s expert treatments and procedures.

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