Much can be done to alter the appearance of a tooth or teeth that have been damaged from decay or chipping, fixing gaps between teeth, or even to reshape a tooth for a better alignment with other teeth. Veneers now often replace crowns as a fix for this kind of damage, as less of your tooth is removed and it is usually a less uncomfortable procedure.

Technology and advanced materials in this area have come a long way, and the professional cosmetic dentistry practices at the office of Sonia Rocha DDS are up to speed in providing just what you need for that star-bright smile!

The porcelain veneer process is a more indirect process, and will take two visits to the dentist, as the veneer has to be processed in a dental laboratory after your first visit to the dentist where impressions will be taken of your tooth and a temporary covering will be placed.   A porcelain color will be chosen by you that will fit right in with the rest of your teeth, giving a very aesthetically pleasing appearance to this tooth.  After two to three weeks the fabricated porcelain veneer will be back to your dentist’s office, and you will have your temporary covering removed and the porcelain veneer bonded to your tooth.

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