If you have ever experienced the kind of pain one can have when needing root canal therapy, you will understand how important it is to get immediate, considerate and expert care to diagnose and eliminate the problem.  Dr. Sonia Rocha is one of the most experienced and caring dentists in Southwest Florida; Dr. Rocha and her office team will see that you get the care you need – every time.

When the “pulp” of your tooth, or center containing the nerve, is diseased, this tissue starts to die, and can cause infection.   You are at risk to lose the tooth if this diseased nerve and pulp is not treated promptly.  The diseased pulp is removed; the cavity cleaned out and then sealed to protect it.  A crown is then placed over the tooth to further protect it.  This also strengthens the tooth.  You can have a tooth that is not only pain free, but almost better than new!

The significant pain you may experience often makes it difficult to distinguish which tooth is the cause of the pain, making it very important to get to the dentist right away, so a thorough evaluation can be promptly done to diagnose the problem and get treatment started.

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