What a difference teeth whitening can make in your smile!  This very popular procedure has made every age bracket from teens to seniors very happy – and able to look in a mirror and like the smile looking back at them!  Choose white and bright!

Dr. Sonia Rocha can offer you different methods, including the very popular Zoom Whitening procedure, to assist you in keeping that white and bright smile that you and all who see you will cherish!

First, it is highly recommended that you have a dental exam and cleaning prior to beginning a teethwhitening, or bleaching, treatment.  Dr. Rocha can advise you whether your teeth and gums are healthy enough for a whitening treatment.  If you have decay, periodontal disease or any hypersensitivity to whitening products, you would not be a candidate for teeth whitening.  The safest route for teeth whitening solutions is to do so under the care of your dentist, as some of the over the counter products are not only ineffective, but also could potentially cause damage to your teeth and gums if not properly used, or if you have an unknown sensitivity to them.

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